Lynx Aurora 16 converter (16 channels)

Lynx AES 16e

Mackie Onyx 16 analog channels Mixer

2 x 7 set drums mics NORDEL 

2 x SURE SM57 mics

1x SURE SM58 mic

SAMSON Stereo Compressor

T.C. Electronic M-ONE XL

HeadAmp 6 Pro

Head MARSHALL JCM800 BASS SERIES (tube) + 4x35 watts speakers

Pre-Amp V-TWIN MESSA Engineering (tube)

KEMPER Profiler

Drums PEARL FORUM (22", 16", 14", 13", 12", stacks cymbals x7 + snare 14")

Midi Keyboard USB

Computer PC IntelCore i5-7600 CPU@3.50GHz, 48GB DDR4, Win10 64Bit

CUBASE Artist 10

EZ Drummer 2


BBE Sonic Sweet, Stomp Board

JBL Studio Monitors 3MKII

Studio open hours (10:00-21:00)

1£ = 5zl (minimum +)

Basic hour - 12£ (60zl)

Min time for record 2h


16£ for a song (6 tracks)

25£ for a song (11 tracks)

40£ for a song (as many as you wish)


Standard: 16£ per song


Day at studio (8h) – 100£


Tuning Drums - 20£

Drums correction – 6 – 20£ / one song (depending from the quality of drummer) 

Tuning vocals – 10£ / song


Drums (toms and kik + hardware but no kik pedals) – 30£/2h

Snare - 7£/2h (metal or wood) 


1. I settle in cash after each session.

2. Time starts to count when entering the studio and ends at the end of the session (unpaid breaks max 1h)

3. If the full hour is exceeded 15 minutes, I round the time down. However, if the full hour is exceeded over 15 minutes, I round up to half an hour.

4. In the case of settlements for the recording of an EP or a full album, the part is settled after the recording stage and the other part when the finished (mixed and mastered) material is collected. If the material is received via the Internet, I settle all accounts after the recording stage.

5. In the case of online mixing and mastering (remotely), I require full prepayment.

6. To book a date in the studio, a reservation deposit is required, transferred to the account in an amount determined individually.

7. I am not responsible for the files after the material is finished and released. That's why I rip them to a dvd that comes with the band.

8. Making an appointment for a session is tantamount to accepting the regulations.

9. You can cancel the scheduled date in the studio up to 2 days before the scheduled date.